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    These are the houses that time has almost forgotten. When I moved to Tasmania 3 years ago and started looking for a house, I was amazed at all these beautiful time capsules of houses, that simply don't exist any more in bigger cities. They have been lovingly kept, crazy carpet and all, and each one tells a story. I wanted to start documenting them before they are all gone.
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The time capsules live another day.

So this poor sad neglected blog has been going the way of some of the houses it showcases. A bit neglected and sad. Yet, the time capsule houses are still out there. I was browsing yesterday and found this absolute beauty, and thought it might be time to add to the collection. This house is … Continue reading

New listing, after a break.

So, I’ve started working a new job, been on an overseas holiday for a month, and all kinds of other adventures in between. The good news is, the time capsules are nothing if not patient. Here is one I found today, really close to where I live. The link is here while it is still … Continue reading

Two bedroom plus hot house.

So I started a blog on time capsule houses in Tasmania, so I could do something productive with this compulsive real estate stalking thing that I do. The trouble is it completely cured me of the stalking. I saw so many terrible, unloved houses I couldn’t look any more. It has been a few months, … Continue reading

One degree of separation..

This house made me almost spit out my tea… not because it has particularly crazy wallpaper or carpet. I’ll explain in a minute.. First, the house. Pretty typical of the age and the area, sure.  Make sure you have a good look at this room, there is going to be a test afterwards.  I think … Continue reading

Red brick, water views, green carpet.

This house is pretty amazing. I want updates from whoever buys it.. but only if you keep the crazy tiles. I’ll let the green carpet go, if it must. Yes, this is the view from this place. I bet you wished you lived here, too.

Hungry like the wolf….

There is a certain house facade, I’m getting it now, that promises a good time capsule interior. In this house, I was already anticipating something pretty good when I saw the first photo. I had no idea just how good* until I clicked through the rest of the listing. *When I say good, I mean … Continue reading

Glorious dilapidated mansion in Huonville

This amazing old place reminds me more of places further north, not so much Tassie. I think it is that beautiful wraparound veranda and lush vegetation.. I feel like I could be in the Northern NSW hinterland about 80 years ago.

So cute I want to squeeze its widdle cheeks.

Decorative gates and concrete bird in the front garden? Check. Different crazy carpet in each room? Check. Cutest kitchen in history with red laminex counterstops and um, GNOMES!? Check and check. Bevelled mirrors, crazy tiling and ornate shampoo holder!? Check check and check. Please, can someone buy this and send me more photos!?

Grand old Manor in Ulverstone

Currently being run as a bed and breakfast, it has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and it could be yours. The link is here. It is worth it check out the photos I didn’t choose, it was so hard to narrow it down! Bonus points if you spot the slightly unusual uh, sleeping arrangements in … Continue reading